Industries to File Workers Compensation Claims

When you think about cases of someone having to go after a company to get workers compensation, you typically think of physical jobs like construction. However, other industries have been known for their large amount of workers compensation claims. Look into all of these different industries before you consider hiring any workers compensation attorney greensboro nc.


Truckers are known for having stressful jobs that have them on the road for many hours daily. Often, truckers are requested that they get to their drop-off point so fast, that they are pretty much required to miss out on many of their normal sleeping hours. This can cause sleep deprivation which means that they can get more easily get in a scenario where they end up causing an accident due to them falling asleep or losing attention. While in the past it’s been argued that it’s the fault of the driver for not knowing their limits, trucking companies have now been successfully sued as it’s been found that threating truckers to sleep less is negligent behavior. Talk to a trucker you know if they have had problems with sleep deprivation.


Depending on what type of restaurant you work at, many of the kitchens found inside them can be dangerous for cooks. While you’re probably not going to get away with a workers compensation claim if you simply accidentally cut yourself with a knife when you were holding it the wrong way for example, you can find that when restaurants cheap out on making sure all of their appliances are working correctly, mishaps can happen such as having a fryer that leaks the oil which could make you slip when it gets on the ground or even cause burns if hot oil hits your body. Additionally, servers can have cases where they need workers compensation such as walking to a table and slipping on a recently washed floor when cleaning workers didn’t put up a wet floor sign. Consider roles of safety if you’re someone in charge of running a restaurant or you know someone who might be affected working for one.


Knowing what claims you can make if you work in either of these industries is important so you can make the money back that you’ve lost from either having to miss work or simply paying off medical bills. Additionally, make sure that you look into problems of each industry that you or others may be working in. Industries that might not even seem physical at all like the tech industry, could have problems when part of their building is faulty such as the staircase in which you’ll be able to sue them for your claim. Make sure that you contact someone who is fully knowledgeable about the legal procedures that go into workers compensation if you’re someone who doesn’t fully believe that they can go through a lawsuit and get all of the money they deserve and need for daily life.